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The neighborhood Zifuva, is located in the administrative post of Pessene in the village of Tenga, in the Moamba district, at 70 km from Maputo City. It is a neighborhood that is under development, but has a lack of several basic services such as: health posts, electricity, drinking water, access roads, schools and transportation, thus constituting a major challenge.

The populations live from activities such as agriculture, firewood cutting, charcoal making or cattle grazing and their houses are made of precarious material such as zinc and straw.

However, the neighborhood does not yet have a basic school, where the children and adolescents can benefit, without moving to the other neighborhoods in search of learning, however, due to the lack of a primary/secondary school on site, they are forced to walk about 20 to 25 km on their way to school, equivalent about 3 hours.

Most of these teenagers start their school routine at dawn, while it is still dark, putting their lives at risk, in order not to delay school and have absences.

Due to the impasse some of them end up leaving school, since most of the parents live off agriculture as their livelihood, thus not allowing them to bear the costs of transportation.

The project is aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19.

The campaign intends to raise 11 bicycles for teenagers in the Zifuva neighborhood, where the bicycle will minimize several aspects in their lives, such as travel time to school, to the explanation center and to do other tasks at home, thus helping them to stay and not drop out the school.

This campaign will provide:

Hey! We've raised $0 of the $1,650.00 we are trying to raise for this campaign!

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