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Quality branded bicycles make a difference in rural Mozambique

Bicycles have been proven to yield significant benefits for development. Mozambikes strives to offer these benefits to the people of rural Mozambique.


50% of Mozambicans live below the poverty line. Thousands die each year from entirely treatable diseases.  These problems are exacerbated by a lack of efficient and affordable transportation. The proliferation of bicycles will enable local Mozambicans to transport more product, travel further distances in a shorter amount of time, reach schools, clinics and access clean water. 

Bicycles provide an alternative for people who must walk kilometers to reach the nearest bus or even further where public transportation is not available. In addition to providing an easier commute to their jobs, bicycles can allow people to reach further and potentially better jobs.

In rural areas, bicycles allow people to access better healthcare, as they can make regular visits to providers that are often located far from their homes. Similarly, bicycles offer access education and can yield a higher level of learning by facilitating better class attendance by reducing the difficulties of commuting to school.

Mozambikes is not unique in identifying the need for bicycles in Mozambique; many people understand the impact that a bicycle can have on a Mozambican and the current difficulties in obtaining a bike. Mozambikes is the first provider seeking to build a rounded bicycle industry and make better bicycles a commodity in Mozambique.  The unique advantage of Mozambikes lies in our model of bicycle sales to provide bicycles of higher quality and lower prices to all provinces in Mozambique. 

Mozambikes sells branded bicycles that promote company brands, projects and important social messages. These bicycles are either then purchased by the branding customer to distribute to their employees, customers and communities, or Mozambikes sells the bicycles at deeply reduced rates into rural markets. In the second channel, we are proud to offer quality bicycles at a standard cost across, regardless of proximity to an urban center, so that people can afford to buy a product that can improve their quality of life.  


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Click above to meet some of the amazing Mozambicans changing their lives with bicycles, check out our events and view other great photos!

Click above to meet some of the amazing Mozambicans changing their lives with bicycles, check out our events and view other great photos!